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Eclipse Microwave, Inc.
Microwave mixers, iso-mixers, image reject mixers, microwave detectors, limiters, doublers, gain equilizers, harmonic phase shifters, multiplexers, I-Q modulators, frequency doublers & frequency doubler-amplifiers, threshold detectors, limiter-detectors, iso-detectors, iso-limiters, log video amplifiers, DLVA's, SDLVA's, extended range LVA's, video detectors, threshold detectors, and pulse video modulators.

Integrated Microwave, Corp.
Custom ceramic IF/RF/Microwave filters for MIL applications. Custom ceramic surface mount filters, diplexers and resonators for commercial and wireless applications.

KOR Electronics
KOR Electronics is a recognized authority in the exploitation of the digital RF and information domains. Leveraging our analog-to-digital & digital-to-analog technologies; KOR delivers innovative solutions to the Defense and Intelligence communities.

Micro-Mode Products
Blindmate connectors; MSSS, (SMP) MMSP, MBMB and (Mini SMP) MSSP; Hermetic housings, headers and feedthroughs; threaded connectors; terminations, adapters, tools & attenuaters.

Millitech LLC
Millimeter-Wave Products - broadest line in the industry; components, assemblies and systems covering a range of 18 to 300 GHz.
Satellite Communications Div.; from stand-alone antennas to complete turn-key systems.
Manufacturing Services Division (MSD); build-to-print manufacture of complex and high value added assemblies for the military and aerospace industry.

Narda Microwave West
GaAs FET amplifiers, multipliers, transceivers and mm-Wave converters for EW/ECM/Radar, satellite communications and digital radios, filters, duplexers, multiplexers, isolators/circulators, channel amplifiers, linearizers, linearized channel amplifiers, power dividers and combiners.

Nexyn Corp.
DRO's, phase locked and free running / Oscillators, 300 MHz to 21 GHz. Custom synthesizers.

Paciwave, Inc.
Custom microwave components and multi-function integrated assemblies: Pin diode switches and switch assemblies, high performance with optional high power from 100 MHz to 40 GHz. Attenuators, both analog and digitally controlled. Limiters and switched filter banks. DLVA's SDLVA's and ERDLVA's. TX/RX modules, frequency converters and receivers, both commercial and military.

Spinnaker Microwave
High performance microwave sources; VCO's, broadband, low noise and fixed tuned. Synthesizers and frequency doublers.

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